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Rely is dedicated to providing everyone with the chance to make a difference in the world. Our core belief is that every individual is capable of making a positive impact. With our focus on manufacturing and distribution, we are able to create the means to generate these opportunities.

About Us

Rely Contract Manufacturing was founded by a diverse group of manufacturing industry veterans. From plant managers to production supervisors, quality leads to production engineers, our team has worked in all aspects of manufacturing. As a result, we understand both the joys and the frustrations of running a manufacturing facility. One of the challenges we all experienced was the inefficiency and volatility of secondary operations or those projects / product lines that didn’t fit the core company expertise.

Rely wants to take the problem jobs and non-core programs off your shopfloor to allow you to focus on what you are really good at. We have created a sophisticated, state-of-the-art contract manufacturing and packaging facility that can handle a high mix of different types of businesses and volumes. Driven by robust KPI’s and varying degrees of automation, we have created a more stable and highly efficient work environment. We have intentionally focused on becoming experts in areas where most manufacturers are weakest.

Rely also partners closely with our sister company, Engauge Workforce Solutions, enabling us to tap into an unlimited pool of flexible, diverse, on-demand labor. Our partnership with Engauge lets us scale up or down quickly and efficiently to meet your unique project needs. It also means we can ramp up at lightning speed, maximizing output while reducing overhead costs.

Rely Contract Manufacturing Facility
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