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Rely Contract Manufacturing was founded by a diverse group of manufacturing industry veterans. From plant managers to production supervisors, quality leads to production engineers, our team has worked in all aspects of manufacturing. As a result, we understand both the joys and the frustrations of running a manufacturing facility. One of the challenges we all experienced was the inefficiency and volatility of secondary operations or those projects / product lines that didn’t fit the core company expertise.

Rely wants to take the problem jobs and non-core programs off your shopfloor to allow you to focus on what you are really good at. We have created a sophisticated, state-of-the-art contract manufacturing and packaging facility that can handle a high mix of different types of businesses and volumes. Driven by robust KPI’s and varying degrees of automation, we have created a more stable and highly efficient work environment. We have intentionally focused on becoming experts in areas where most manufacturers are weakest.

Rely is proudly ISO 9001 certified from American Systems Registrar. This achievement reflects our commitment to quality management systems, bolstering operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

ASR Certification Verification

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Automated Assembly

Manual to Automated Assembly

We are experts at assembling products for a variety of industries including injection molding, plastic, medical equipment, electrical, and metal fabrication. We are particularly adept at transitioning from manual to automated assembly as well as the assembly of electrical harnesses.
Kitting & Packaging

Packaging & Labeling

Eliminate the need for tedious labeling and packaging tasks by allowing us to handle all of it for you. Save valuable labor and focus on other aspects of your business while we take care of your sub components, complete parts, or final products.
Quality Testing

Sortation, Rework & Testing

If you have product that you have received or produced that doesn't pass your quality standards. Rely can help sort your product based on qualitative or quantitative testing based on physical or visual attributes.  We have supported many of our clients in reworking product to restore it back to the quality standard needed.
Kitting & Packaging

Kitting & Fulfillment

We can help reduce your inventory space by kitting to stock or kitting on demand. We are experts in industries such as assembly, food & beverage, marketing, retail, e-commerce, medical, and print. We understand the importance of your brand, and we see ourselves as a part of your business.
Mail Sortation

Mail Sortation

Are you looking to cut down on postage expenses? We've got you covered. Our presorting service sorts your outgoing mail by zip code, guaranteeing you the commercial discount anytime you use USPS for mailing.
Value Added Services

Value Added Services

If a customer requests something outside of your area of expertise or normal range of services, we can help. Broaden the value proposition you offer to customers while easing your workload and letting your team focus on core competencies by partnering with Rely for value-added services.
POP Display

Point of Purchase Displays

Do you require assistance in constructing point of purchase displays? Our team is here to support you, ensuring that they are completed promptly and delivered to stores in outstanding condition.
Promotional Products

Promotional Products

We can assemble your promotional product bundles for you with top-notch quality and timely delivery. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Consumer Products

Maximize your consumer products production without expensive infrastructure or specialized knowledge. We handle the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on your core strengths and save money on infrastructure, staffing, and machinery costs.

Food & Beverage

Save time and let your resources focus on enhancing product quality by letting Rely take care of packaging. Our team is well-trained in handling food-grade products and can support all aspects of packaging to ensure your products are delivered with the utmost care and professionalism.


From automotive parts to heavy equipment, we offer manufacturers an extra level of reliability to avoid production stoppages or costly rework. Our team ensures timely delivery, full traceability and adherence to complex technical requirements.


From inventory preparation to order fulfillment, return logistics to support with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) requirements, we can help free up time so your online business can focus on core operations.


You can trust that our team will deliver high-quality products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. In addition, we provide cost-saving measures that streamline your operation, increase efficiency, and decrease risk.


We have many years of experience supporting from start up research medical clients up to long established clients with IQ/OQ/PQ requirements. Trust us to to meet your requirements or guide you along the way to producing a robust product that you can feel confident will represent your brand well.


Down Syndrome Associate of Wisconsin

Rely works with Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin (DSAW) to provide Associates with diverse abilities the opportunity to not only learn manufacturing and distribution skills but also allows them to practice those skills at our contract manufacturing and packaging facility.

Engauge Workforce Solutions

Rely partners closely with our sister company, Engauge Workforce Solutions, enabling us to tap into an unlimited pool of flexible, diverse, on-demand labor. Our partnership with Engauge lets us scale up or down quickly and efficiently to meet your unique project needs.

karen american association of wisconsin

One of our key partnerships is with the Karen American Association of Wisconsin (KAAW). KAAW connects Rely with refugees so we can help them build skills and gain valuable experience in our contract manufacturing and packaging facility.

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